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12 x 12 in panels (25)
70 x 70 in, 178 x 178 cm installation



Work completed December 2003.

Installation dimensions: 70 by 70 inches (~177.8 by 177.8 centimeters)

Dimensions are for single panel prints; larger sizes (up to hundreds of square feet) are possible using other printing techniques. Please contact the studio for more information. All linear dimensions are given in the order of height, width and depth.



The individual panels are one-of-a-kind prints. The work is available as a set.

Additional individual panels and/or sets of various configurations can be created.

Please contact the studio for more information regarding the availability and purchasing of works.

One- and two-person exhibitions

Deep Space at Ars Electronica Center; “Kenneth A. Huff: Organic Constructions” (stills and time-based works); Linz, Austria; Ongoing, starting 2 January 2009. The full resolution of this work was shown as a site-specific, zoomable, 4K projection in Deep Space.


Huff, Kenneth A. (Paul Fishwick, Editor); Aesthetic Computing; “Visually encoding numbers utilizing prime factors”; Spring 2006.


This work was completed using software provided under a grant from Alias Systems.

This work was rendered using software provided under a grant from mental images.

As of 27 March 2010

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